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         Indoor and Outdoor Positioning System is a real-time tracking and monitoring system which monitors and records the state of employees, tracking people in events, students in school, equipment or products and vehicles. It is suitable for tracking large number of people and objects simultaneously indoors (building or factory) and outdoors.

         The Indoor and Outdoor positioning system is equipped with low-cost BlueTag Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) 5.0 hi-tech device and accelerometer sensor data simultaneously. The highlights of the system are:

  • Indoor Positioning System monitors the location of employees
    or equipment in real-time and records the data which can be used to prepare and
    analyze daily and monthly performance reports.
  • Indoor Positioning uses standard BLE-WiFi gateways as
    location references points together with location tags.
  • The tags transmit their identification continually to a
    backend system, where is the position of each tag is calculated.
  • The Outdoor Position System is equipped with a GNSS
    receiver, accelerometer, and BlueTag BLE installed in the vehicle. The GNSS
    positioning is recorded and integrated with indoor positioning system.


The ATI’s positioning system is developed based on the IoT analytics which make it as a unique Indoor and Outdoor positioning system.


BlueTag BLE monitors the employee in real time. The location of each employee can be determining precise. In addition to the position the working hours for each employee is also been tracked, that can be used for employee management. The daily and monthly employee progress reports can be prepared.



Equipment Products

The products/packages equipped with BlueTag BLE can also
be monitored. Their location can be identified, allowing to instantly search
and report.





GNSS Tracker equipped on the vehicle will send the location as well as the information about the employee delivering and the products being delivered.




Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits Indoor
Scan card using RFID
Real-time locations
Access to past data
Add or edit employee or products
Employee performance reporting
Mapping and Heat Map
Inventory support for products
Reduce product misplacement or theft
BlueTag are easy to carry and deploy
Gateway Bluetooth device and GNSS receivers can be mounted easy  
WiFi and Bluetooth support in GNSS Tracker  
BlueTag BLE devices can replace batteries, allowing customers
to reuse them and save money.
Waterproof, fireproof, and
dustproof equipment to meet the needs of customers in various locations.